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Countownd to Launch : Why we chose PWA for our MVP

As we build our initial product, we're excited to announce that it will be a Progressive Web App (PWA). This decision showcases our commitment to creating a seamless and efficient digital health solution.

Why We Chose PWA for Our MVP


Cross-Platform Compatibility PWAs run smoothly across all devices—desktops, smartphones, tablets—you name it.

This means our product is accessible to everyone, everywhere, without the hassle of multiple versions.

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Offline Access PWAs can function offline or in low-connectivity environments. This is crucial for our users, who might not always have reliable internet access, ensuring they can stay engaged and productive no matter where they are.

Cost-Effective Development Building a PWA is more cost-effective than developing separate native apps for iOS and Android. This allows us to allocate resources efficiently while delivering a high-quality user experience.

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Fast and Responsive PWAs load quickly and offer a smooth, app-like experience. This responsiveness is essential for keeping our users engaged, especially in the health and productivity sectors, where timely access to information is critical.

We started Sanza with a clear mission: to empower women through tech that enhances health and productivity.

Choosing a PWA for our MVP ensures our solution is advanced but also user-centric and inclusive.

Technical Advantages

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Push Notifications PWAs can send push notifications to keep our users informed and engaged with updates and reminders about their health and productivity goals.

Easy Updates Unlike traditional apps that require downloads for updates, PWAs update automatically. This ensures our users always have the latest features and improvements without any hassle.

Illustration of cyber Security

Secure and Reliable PWAs are served over HTTPS, providing a secure environment for sensitive health data. This security measure is crucial for gaining user trust and complying with data protection regulations.

Adopting a Progressive Web App for our MVP highlights our dedication to accessibility, user experience, and technological innovation.

This strategic choice positions us to significantly impact the women’s health and productivity sector, offering a versatile and reliable digital solution.

Stay tuned as we count down to launch, and join us on this exciting journey!

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Together, we can create a more inclusive and effective digital health solution!

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